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My mom knows that anytime I visit, she can expect me pointing out all the things she doesn’t need.  At first she was nervous of what I might get rid of next, but now she can’t wait for me to visit to help her clean out more.  She has begun the life transformation that comes with letting go of “things” and finding room for “self.”

Let’s get started!

The first step is a phone consultation (free of charge) and filling out my needs assessment, which can be found on the contact page. From there, we will schedule an initial consultation and walk-through of your home where we will create a customized plan based upon your unique needs.

Clutter Elimination Coaching

This is the basis for all services.  I believe that organizing clutter is a waste of time.  We have to begin by clearing out the clutter first.  While letting go can often be a scary process, I will walk you through the process of letting go of things that are no longer useful nor bring you joy.

You will be better prepared to know whether to keep, donate, give away or toss items and you will know how to identify methods to reduce waste by recycling and upcycling your items.  Many times I’m able to take items clients already own and use them in a more useful or aesthetically pleasing way in their home.

Closet Makeover

Whether it’s a small entry closet or entire master suite, I can help you create a system that works.  Some closets only need a simple redo, while others require new shelving installed.

Relocation and Downsizing

Moving is the perfect time to sort through items you no longer need or use.  The less you have, the less you have to pay to move.  I also provide tips on how to get your home ready to sell and prepared for an open house.

Paper Overload

Not sure where to start with those piles of paper and junk mail or what to do with all of your child’s precious artwork?  I will show you how to eliminate junk mail all together, set up a filing system that works for you and introduce you to new ways of displaying that art.


While I aim to set up systems you can maintain on your own, everyone needs a little help. Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, many clients choose to set up maintenance check-ins to keep them on track with their organizing goals.